Major League Profits Review

Major League Profits is a sports card trading company founded by Eric Michael and Jon Suarez. Their high-ticket coaching program teaches students how to turn a hobby into a profitable business. The program offers educational videos, coaching calls, and private coaching. It also provides a unique investment opportunity based on their insights. Read on Major League Profits Review for more details.

The founders of major league profits are two college roommates from Rutgers University who discovered that sports card flipping is a profitable business. The company’s success is proof of their dedication and perseverance in the entrepreneurial journey. They have created a high-ticket coaching program and a community of like-minded people to help others succeed in the business. The company’s goal is to eliminate as much risk as possible for those in the program so they can get out of it what they put into it.

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The program’s key concepts include the Sports Card Fly-Wheel System, which allows for a higher profit margin than traditional methods of investing in sports cards. The system also helps students to avoid financial losses based on market volatility. The program is designed for people with interests in sports and sports cards who are also interested in entrepreneurship and business. It is also for those who are patient and strategic in their investment choices. The founders of Major League Profits believe that people who are willing to work hard and make smart decisions can become successful entrepreneurs in the business.

One of the pros of major league profits is that it’s a safe way to create a predictable side income for busy white-collar professionals. The founders Eric Michael and Jon Suarez claim that the program’s unique approach to sports card trading will ensure high profit margins for its participants. However, the sports card market is volatile, and profits can vary depending on player performance and market trends.

Another pro of major league profits is that it offers a money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. Its coaches are available to answer questions and guide its members. The company also provides comprehensive educational videos on the ins and outs of the business. It also offers scheduled coaching calls with its owners, which can be helpful for newcomers to the industry.

The company has a number of positive reviews on Trustpilot. Its reputation is largely based on its success stories and testimonials. One user, Matt, described his experience with the program as a great value for his time and money. The program’s website says that it has helped 1500 people to earn a good profit from sports card flipping.


Major League Profits is a company that offers a course and coaching program for flipping sports cards like baseball or football for profit. They claim to have helped 1500 people earn a profit from card trading. Their program includes educational videos, coaching calls, and private coaching. They also offer a unique investment opportunity that allows them to invest on behalf of their clients. Their Sports Card Fly-Wheel System promises high returns.

However, some users complain that the company is not legitimate. One user reported that the company’s owners, Eric Michael and Jon Suarez, are scam artists who take sales calls and sell their program, but won’t listen to feedback from customers. Another complained that the program is too expensive.

Despite these complaints, Major League Profits is a legit business and has a large community of members who help each other earn profit. The company’s coaches are also helpful in providing specific game plans to increase revenue. The founders were college roommates and friends, and their entrepreneurial journey began with an e-commerce business that failed. Their failure made them realize that they needed to remove distractions from their lives and focus on their passion, which is sports card trading.

Some people believe that Major League profits is a scam because of the price tag. The company requires a large investment upfront, and some people don’t have the resources to do this. In addition, the program is not suitable for everyone. It’s best for collectors who want to make a profit from their hobby and are willing to learn market analysis. It’s also for investors who are comfortable with the risk of investing in volatile markets.

Josh, a member of the company, said that he joined the program with no experience and made a profit within three months. He said that he was able to increase his profits by learning from the coaches and studying the market. He also emphasized the importance of being consistent and avoiding bad habits.


Major League Profits is a company that provides training and coaching for sports card flipping. The company claims to have helped 1500 people become successful entrepreneurs in the industry. The program includes educational videos, coaching calls, and private coaching. It also offers a unique investment opportunity where the company invests on behalf of its clients. The company has a mixed reputation, but most users are satisfied with the service.

Eric Michael and Jon Suarez are the founders of Major League Profits, a high-ticket coaching program that helps students earn a profit in the sports card market. They are college roommates and business partners who share a passion for entrepreneurship and a dedication to mentoring others. They founded the company after exploring several business ventures, including e-commerce and dropshipping. Their failures in these businesses taught them that they needed to remove distractions and focus on what they excelled at: sports card trading.

The company has a diverse client base, from professional sports fans to those who are interested in earning a side income. Its programs are designed for people with skills in the sports cards industry and who are willing to take risks. These individuals are usually skilled in predicting market trends and identifying opportunities. They are also patient investors who are willing to wait for athletes to achieve breakout performances or win championships.

While the company has a high success rate, some people believe it is a scam. One such person wrote a negative review on TrustPilot, claiming that the company is fraudulent and that it tries to trick customers into investing in the program by telling them that they will make six figures. The reviewer also claimed that he had followed the program for eight months, but he was not able to earn a profit and was disappointed with the company’s customer support.

Another user praised the company and said that it was worth the investment. He described the camaraderie he felt with fellow members and emphasized how supportive the community is. He also praised the company’s coaches for their guidance and advice.


Major League Profits is a course and coaching program that teaches people how to buy and sell sports cards like baseball and football for profit. It is based on the founders’ six years of experience in the industry. The program’s unique approach, the Sports Card Fly-Wheel System(tm), provides high returns and minimizes risk. It also allows for a greater focus on rare cards, resulting in less market saturation and high ROI.

One of the company’s students said that he loved how honest and helpful the coaches were and appreciated their commitment to his success. Another user said that they were able to help him find high-end cards at reasonable prices. He added that he was able to invest the money that he saved and was happy with his results.

However, the program is not without its critics. Some have alleged that it is a scam. In one review, a customer complained that Eric Michael and Jon Suarez take sales calls while ignoring customer feedback. He also claimed that the company is pricy and not worth the investment.

The website of Major League Profits claims to have helped 1500 users make a profit from their investments in the sports card trading business. It offers a money-back guarantee, an investment opportunity, and a community of members that support each other. The company is a great option for people who want to learn the ins and outs of the card flipping business and earn a decent income.

The company’s coaches are dedicated to making their clients profitable, and they will provide you with the tools and skills you need to succeed in the card flipping industry. They will also teach you how to spot potential opportunities and make good investments. They also provide educational videos, coaching calls, and private coaching to help you grow your business. They will also help you set goals and create a strategy for success.