Huge games this weekend!

The Octane are set to travel to Florida, NY Saturday to play vs the Atlantic Coast Cardinals (0-5). Then right after the game they will pack it up and travel to Norristown, PA to play the #15 Norristown Knights (3-1)

Two big roster additions for this weekend's away game. We would have only had 5 players for our game Sunday vs the ranked Norristown Knights so we made a phone call and it resulted in the help of Rashan Bellinger (left) & his brother Anthony Becton (right). Both players have professional basketball experience. So far this season we have only lost to ranked teams (Binghamton x 2 and Syracuse.)

Although the Atlantic Coast Cardinals have not won a game yet, we know they're gunning for us! This weekend will be filled with exciting ABA basketball. We hope to live stream both games through our Facebook page (Oneonta Octane) or at the very least it will be recorded and uploaded to the Blendos Youtube Channel.




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