Help Us Grow The Octane Community

This fall we will launch our inaugural season in the American Basketball Association. This organization will not last unless we can generate community support. We are currently working around the clock to spread awareness of the team/organization. For our home games, all area youth under the age of 14 will be free of charge as long as they are occupied by an adult. We have affordable memberships that include season passes, access to online raffles

What can members do?

Members can also make commission off of selling Octane memberships! We hope to create a sense of community and ownership from our members, so they are also encouraged to blog their experiences.

We currently have 27 members. We would like to target the following schools to increase awareness of the team and notify parents of this opportunity for area youth.

  1. Oneonta HS

  2. Oneonta MS

  3. Valleyview Elementary

  4. Greater Plains Elementary

  5. Unatego HS

  6. Laurens CS

  7. Morris CS

  8. Unadilla Elementary

  9. Sidney HS

  10. Edmeston CS

  11. Unadilla Valley

  12. Davenport CS

  13. South Kortright

  14. Delhi

  15. Schenevus CS

  16. Worcester CS

  17. Franklin

  18. Walton

  19. Jefferson

  20. Norwich

  21. Afton

  22. Stamford

  23. Downsville

  24. Roxbury

  25. Windham

With this many schools surrounding the immediate area, there's no reason we cannot fill the gym to capacity during home games. Please share this and contact us if you would like to assist in generating members and/or ticket sales.

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